Rethinking Affordance

akademie schloss solitude || May 17th - June 30th, 2018

Artists and designers have always played a central role in exploring and shaping the ‘affordances' – the possible scientific, commercial, or rhetorical uses and functions – of new and emerging technologies. Artistic experimentation has thus helped to radically expand our understanding of (for example) new industrial processes, audiovisual recording technologies, computer graphics, robotic tools, and algorithmic technologies. In this exhibition, an international group of artists continues this tradition by realizing critical, analytical, and playful uses for wide-ranging technologies such as video games, online presentation software, 3D printers, and robotic production tools.

Curated by Ashley Scarlett and Martin Zeilinger

Featuring work by: Bryan Cera (US/CAN), Foci+Loci (US), FRAUD (UK), Sebastian Schmieg (GER), Situated Systems (US), Jol Thompson (CAN/UK), and Martin Zeilinger (AUT/UK).